This is my first time translating someone’s blog I think. Hope my translation is understandable ^^

NOTE: It’s not 100% correct but I’ve tried my best ^^ Please DO not take this out!

Title: 18 days left.. happy and relaxed..
Date: 2007/11/03
From: Alan’s Chinese Blog

I had vocal lessons in the morning, and since the afternoon I’ve resting.. really comfortable/enjoyable… I have to rest well, tomorrow I’ll start recording.

NOTE: The Japanese entry of the same day has no much difference. She started saying Thanks to everyone who’s send her mails and care about her. She thanks everyone’s support since the beginning. She talked about the vocal lessons and how she’s doing her best along with her teacher. She said her pronunciation is getting better also. Finally, she went home to sleep ^^

Translation made by Wen Jing