Hope everyone understood my translation. Now let me try with today’s entry ^^ Please DO NOT take this out!

Title: 17 days left… With dysentery… (TN: actually I didn’t know this word so I used google translator)
Date: 2007/11/04
From: Alan’s Chinese Blog

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Today’s recording was very successful, it’s the shortest one so far. But, today I don’t know what I’ve ate, I’m with dysentery, I went to the toilet many times… *shy face* If you look today’s picture I’ve dehydration (TN: she also said how her face and nose is different, I don’t know how to translate that exactly, sorry). I’ve taken some medicine so I think tomorrow I’ll be ok.

Good news! This week’s Origina Confidenceオリコン, a very important music magazine in Japan, in their USEN J-POP Chart <Ashita e no Sanka> is No.8. According the website below, it’s in No.8 since last week and the previous week was in No.12. I’m really happy! http://www.usen.com/rank/jpop.php
Between the TOP 30, I think I’m the only one who haven’t released the debut single yet and already got this kind of position. Staff’s are also very happy! But I can’t be proud, I have to do my best!! But I’m very happy ^^

TN=Translator’s Note.

NOTE: Once again, the Japanese entry of the same day was the same.

Practicing before the recording.

Listening to music, reading magazine and surfing online of free time.

Translation made by Wen Jing