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Anyway, let’s see what Alan said in this entry. Please DO NOT take this out!

Title: 16 days left… Mood–Calm
Date: 2007/11/05
From: Alan’s Chinese Blog

Writing down lyrics…

Because of the dysentery, I didn’t went to my language class this morning (TN: I think she’s talking about Japanese lessons). In the afternoon I had photoshoots/interviews for different music magazines. I practiced 谷村新司’s song <Flower> (TN: NO idea who is he) for the Osaka’s concert (TN: Seems she’s going to sing that song with someone). Coping the lyrics…

Tomorrow I’ll be having photoshoots/interview with MINI magazine and some others magazines. Also I have vocal lessons.

Today I’m practically recovered, got more medicine from our company’s clinic, then I went home. Feeling calm and living calmly.

TN =Translator’s Note

Japanese blog: she said almost the same. That she’s getting better and she’s taking some medicines and only 16 days left and she’s kinda nervous but she’s enjoying the moment and the feelings~

Me: I’m lazy to post the pictures ^^;; If you want to see them, please go to her blogs~~