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Title: 15 days left… random things.
Date: 2007/11/06
From: Alan’s Chinese Blog

It’s raining, I’m at home. Few hours ago, I went to drink coffee with staffs, I brought with me Japanese homework, and I was just starting doing them and one of the waitress came and said: I’m sorry but we’re about to close. So we went home.

Recently I have been listening to some old songs, during certain period in my life I started to like a song, and listen to it repeatedly… then stopped. Now I’m listening to it again, and got another kind of feeling. And will remember certain things and people that happened and met during that period. Listening to the rain’s sound… I’m writing some random stuffs.

Some friends suggested me to start writing my own memoirs, till someday make it a movie. Maybe later in my life, right now I don’t have the energy to do that. If there’s still time, I think I will.

During our lifetime, we have our precious ones and also those we have missed. We have those who have helped us and those who we feel sorry to. I want to thank Heaven for letting me to meet all those good people during my growing period, they helped me to become a better person. Also, I met some not that good people, thanks them for allowing me to grow up. I’ve built in my heat a solid castle, to protect from all those bad things, I consider myself a pretty strong person.

Life won’t stop for a certain person or stop on certain things. My parents and friends always told me not to be proud when you have won, or to be sad when losing (TN: not very sure about this >.<). Things won’t be always good during your life. If I succeeded, in the same time, I have prepared myself for the worst result, so if I failed I’ll still accept it. I’m Buddhism, so I believe everything is set up by Heaven, the most important thing is that you have given your best, so you won’t have regrets.

Although I haven’t experienced that much due to my young age, so you would probably find this post funny. But I want to tell myselg always to have a normal heart. If something is yours, it won’t go anywhere because it belongs to you. If it’s not yours, then you won’t get it no matter how hard you try to get it.

I hope that those who’re having a hard time and those who feels loving someone is hard see my post will feel better and live better. Life won’t stop for anyone or any issue. instead of looking back, why don’t we look forward? If you failed at something why do you keep thinking about it? The more you think, more angry will you get and you won’t find a answer to it. Instead of thinking about that, why don’t you think how to do better the next thing? Why to think about someone who makes you sad or betrayed you? Instead of hate him/her, think it as a good thing for allowing you to wake up. In this kind of situation you have to wish him/her happiness without hate. What you have to care more is that you were happy next to him/her. Close your eyes and think, isn’t it?

To those people who are older than me, I hope that apart from working, you can do more leisure activities. Exercise more your body. Don’t be very stressful because of work, it doesn’t worth for it. Go outside on weekends to breath fresh air. Play and sing songs, gather with friends. Everything based on your health.

To those who are young like me, I hope you guys can learn more things while you are young, and don’t forget about your activities and hobbies that you like because of busy school activities. Read more books, watch more movies, listen to more good songs. Learning a new language is a very enjoyable thing, maybe you will need it someday. On vacations you should go out, take pictures and record videos. I think it’s not good to stay at school always, to be outgoing is not a bad thing. Someday you will have to leave school to enter the society.

To those who just began to work, I’m sure that some of you are not adapted to it. You may think that the society is not like what you have imagined. When you started to work there could be things that you are not used to or you feel upset about, don’t worry, things will get better by the time. Everyone start like this, no matter how hard or how tiring it is. If you get bored then bring some books to read. The most important thigs: 1. Ask some old co-workers for helps and tips to improve yourself. In front of older staffs you have to act humble. 2. On workplace must be low profile, because you are newbie, everyone is watching you. 3. Be diligent, so everyone think you are a hardworking young people.

Those are all my own views, you can take them into consideration. I’m a newbie too, I’m learning to. If you have a good suggestion you can tell me too.

I’m going to rest, it’s tooo late.

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