Please DO NOT take this out!

Title: 15 days left… Super busy!
Date: 2007/11/06
From: Alan’s Chinese Blog.

Rested 2 afternoons, things were accumulated for today’s schedule. I arrived home at 11PM. Today I felt really exhausting.. But still, thinking that everything finished successfully it makes me happy.

Today noon’s vocal lessons, I had 2 free hours so I wento to shooping. Sooo cool! Afternoon I had photoshoot/interview for MINI magazine. Evening I had a interview for CHANNEL A. I recorded a massage for different medias, and I saw a Taiwanese and HK music program in the list, makes me feel very happy.

Today I have to rest early, tomorrow I will go to meet Oricon’s staffs officially. And I have to sing, seems very important… And there’re plenty of other things to do. OK, I’m going now. Goodnight.

Japanese blog: she said thanks for everyone’s care for her because she was kinda ill and now she’s much better. Then she said almost the same thing. She only added that she got some food from the MINI staffs and it was delicious and she’s very happy and gave thanks.