I must catch up with her blog translation!! I’m sooo behind!
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It’s late here so my brain is not working right, sorry if it’s not very understandable ^^;;

Please DO NOT take this out!

Title: ….
Date: 2007/22/07
From: Alan’s Chinese Blog

I can’t sleep, am I worried about something? Or just my brain is blank. 14 days left… This might be the biggest change in my life. All those year’s hard work, I’ll be leaving my old school (university), my country, to step into the society for the first time. Who I can rely on? No one, only by myself.. I have already prepared my mind for anything. Facing life’s long road… I express it correctly. The only thing I can do now is to do the best on everything I’m doing right now, and wait… I’m already used to the loneliness, miss my family, mis BOBI. I miss my hometown’s super spicy winter food (火锅 – Hot pot). I miss (TN: I think some teacher). Suddenly I feel I’m going alone to Shangri-La… Staying there peacefully for a while and living in my own world. Can’t I live in my own world for every?? Don’t disturber me, don’t disturber my peaceful life… in my own world.