• Stage Names: Chinese: Alan (阿蘭/阿兰), Japanese: alan (アラン)
  • Real Name: Alan Dawazhuoma (阿兰·达瓦卓玛)
  • Spoken Languages: Mandarin, Tibetan, Japanese
  • Blood Type: O
  • Birthday: 1987.07.25
  • Height: 164cm


Alan (阿蘭 or 阿兰) is a Tibetan/Chinese singer and Erhu player from Sichuan province who debuted in 2005 with the album Sheng Sheng Zui Ru Lan. She made her Japanese language debut in 2007 under avex in Japan with the single Ashita e no Sanka.

Alan grew up in the Meiren valley in the Rongxar county of the Garze Tibetan Autonomous Prefecture in China. Her father is a civil servant, while her mother was a former singer. She is ethnically Tibetan, and learned singing from a young age, and started to learn how to play the erhu at age eight. At nine years old, Alan was selected for the leading role in the TV drama Tai Yang Nu Shen, and first pursued a career as an actress.

After graduating from her musically oriented high school, she enrolled in one of the most prestigious music school in China, the China National Chinese Opera and Dance Drama Company (解放軍芸術学院); where Lei Ying and Zhong Bao of 12 Girls Band were also being taught. Later in 2005, Alan released a cover album, Sheng Sheng Zui Ru Lan, under a Chinese indies label. Currently, the album has sold over 50,000 copies.

In October 2006 at the Shanghai International Art Festival, Alan won second place (tied with Filipino singer Jimmy Layo Marquez at the 9th Asia New Singer Competition. In July 2007 she graduated the China National Chinese Opera and Dance Drama Company with excellent grades.

Alan was scouted when Avex China held auditions in Beijing, and went on to debut with a Japanese language single in November 2007, titled Ashita e no Sanka. She is currently still studying Japanese, and only has a basic grasp of the language.

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