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Remember the old performance that I posted 2 days ago? The one she’s wearing an army uniform and sings with Han Hong, a very popular Chinese singer with Tibetan origins. Today I’m going to share the mp3 rip of the performance. It’s really nice song so I decided to upload it.

★ Han Hong Feat. Alan – Sky Road (天路) Performance Rip
Not the best quality but it’s what I could get so far.

PW: alanlan


Release date: 2005/08/15

Language: Chinese Mandarin


01. 醉清风 Drunk the coolbreeze
02. 忍不住眼泪 Cannot burden the tear
03. 栀子花开(中文版) Gardenia in blossom
04. 栀子花开(英文版) Garednia in blossom
05. 玻璃杯 Glass
06. 宁夏 Peaceful summer
07. 十年 Ten years
08. 你到底爱谁 You love who
09. 童话 Fairy tale
10. 最浪漫的事 The most romantic thing
11. 翅膀 Wings
12. 遇见 Meet
13. 一辈子的孤单 Loneliness all my life
14. 被风吹过的夏天 Summer blowing

★ Full Album {320rip}

Part One 62,5MB
Part Two 62,7MB